A British family have recently celebrated the birth of the first boy in their family for five generations.

The Berriman’s were thrilled to discover that Demi, from Pontefract, was expecting a son – the first in the family for 86 years.  Gorgeous Arnie, whose name means ‘strength’, was welcomed on 14th June 2017 and is now nine months old.

Family head Beryl Vaus, who had three sisters, gave birth to three daughters – the eldest of whom – Janice – married Allan Berriman. The all female-births didn’t stop there – Janice also had two daughters, including Demi’s mum Donna Berriman.

True to his name, Arnie showed incredibly strength when born prematurely with severe health problems battling both sepsis and gastroschisis – a birth defect where the intestines are outside the body. Arnie is now well on the road to recovery.

Arnie’s grandmother Donna Berriman, 43, great-grandma Janice Berriman, 65, and family matriarch great-great-grandma Beryl Vaus, 86, were ecstatic with the arrival of ‘20,000/1’ baby Arnie.

His proud mother Demi told the Daily Mail: ‘Everybody is in awe of him, we’re just so lucky to have him – we’re all obsessed with him. He is our little trooper – at one point we were told he only had 24 hours to live but look at him now. He is fantastic, he’s a different baby now, he is demanding and cheeky. Everyone was so surprised that everything this tiny little baby had been through.’

Arnie’s father Adam added: ‘I was shocked when Demi told me her family was full of girls – she couldn’t believe it at the 20 week scan we were having a boy. I think all dads want a boy, but a healthy baby is just as important – our Arnie is a true fighter.’