My sister had introduced me to Kicks Count very early on in my pregnancy, little did I know this information would go on to save mine and my baby's life.

I started to get to know my babies movements at atound 28 weeks and enjoyed the time we spent together while he wiggled around inside. I found that he loved early mornings and late nights (great I thought! If he continues like this when he is born I'll never get any sleep!!)

On Friday morning on the 27th July I woke up at 8am, this was strange as usually baby woke me up at 6. Thinking I had just been in a deep sleep I ignored it for a while and got ready for the day. As the day progressed I got more aware of the fact that my usually wiggly jelly bean was not dancing around. I had used the Kicks Count bracelet for weeks so I knew by lunch time we should have had at least 4 episodes of movement. I knew something wasn't right and got myself off to the hospital.

It was here I found that my babies heart rate was dropping and baby was indeed not moving. After an hour of being seen by the midwife I was having an emergency c section to safely delivery my baby into this world.

Born at only 32 weeks my little fighter felix arrived.

It was only after he was born that we discovered Felix had contracted listeriosis in the womb and had developed meningitis as a result. Doctors reported if I had not noticed his reduced movements and brought him in neither of us would have made it through the night.

We will be forever greatful to you and your campaign for helping save his life!