On the 3rd of October 2016 our world fell apart. After an unexpected breech delivery on just gas and air our first born, Harrison, died in labour. Our little boy had a heartbeat all through labour and even in the final stages of delivery - we had even been to day assessment two days previously because of reduced movement but sadly he didn't make it.

After three miscarriages and 11 months of trying we finally fell pregnant with our Rainbow Baby. Naturally on edge we were placed into the category of "high risk care". The NHS is simply amazing and they were so accommodating through out and always stressed that if there was a change in movement or I was unsure to come into the hospital to have it checked regardless of whether it was day or night. I went in 5 times before a care plan was made to visit day unit for CTG monitoring daily.

A few times while on the monitor the baby was quite quiet so the decision was made to bring my elective section forward to the 12th June - especially after one visit when they diagnosed baby was transverse (laying sidewards!) something which would have been missed if it wasn't for the daily visits!

After receiving steroid injections to mature baby's lungs our beautiful daughter, Bonnie, was born weighing 7lbs 12.5oz at 9.10am, 12/06/18 (the day before her Daddy's birthday!). If it wasn't for "Kicks Count" I would have never had the confidence to walk back into hospital for those checks. The charity gave validity to my concerns and reassurance that I wasn't being paranoid, staff took me seriously. With your kicks count bracelet I felt in control and was able to monitor her movements effectively each day giving both my husband and I the peace of mind we needed.