I was 37+3 with my first baby, and I hadn't felt regular movements all day. I had been told that "baby is resting, getting ready to be born" and I am so glad that I didn't listen, and that I trusted my gut. I went to my maternity hospital and they tested my baby's movements, they decided to keep me in overnight as they weren't happy. I had a scan the following morning and the doctors said they were concerned about the blood flow to and from the placenta, baby's size, and the reduced movements. They kept me in for 4 days, induced me, which didn't work, and because I wasn't dilating past 3cm I had to have an emergency c section at 38 weeks. This was not a huge shock but definitely not what I wanted. My baby was having trouble breathing at first so he was sent to the Neo Natal unit. He was kept there for one week for various reasons, including jaundice and slow feeding. The doctors told me if I had delayed coming in, it would have been dangerous. My little boy, Darragh, is happy and healthy, the NICU doctors were delighted with him at his check up. My advice would be, listen to your own instincts, do not listen to people who say "baby is just running out of room, baby is slowing down, it's normal!" If you feel a change in your baby's patterns, get checked out.