I was 32 weeks pregnant into my 3rd pregnancy when I experienced my first reduced movement episode. I got checked out straight away and left reassured that baby was fine and her pattern returned to normal. At 39 weeks pregnant I had my 3rd reduced movement episode so I called my triage who told me to come up. I was chatting to the midwife who mentioned she had noticed me scratching my legs a lot since arriving. I laughed and said “yep, my itch relieve cream isn’t touching this!” She frowned slightly as she saw I had made myself bleed with scratching and said she’d be right back. Baby’s heartbeat was a little high. She came back with a consultant who ordered a blood test. The blood test came back with “borderline” levels and I was told I had ICP! I was shocked and worried about my baby who’s movements still weren’t my “normal” so it was decided I would be induced the following day. After a brilliant labour my beautiful baby girl was born safely at a very healthy 8lb and I cannot thank the NHS midwives who looked after me but also Kicks Count. This charity is the reason I got checked out and the reason I had such a happy outcome. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Kicks Count! ❤️