Due to polyhydramnios I was booked in for a c-section on Friday 3rd May. Sadly, just 1 hour before, it was cancelled 1 hour before and rearranged for the following morning, as me and baby were technically both very well.

Before I went home, they asked me to go to the day ward for routine pre-op tests. As I had an anterior placenta my baby's movement didn't always seem consistent but, even though I couldn’t always feel it well, he always had good movement once he got going. While having my tests I just happened to mention to a lovely midwife that, although baby had been moving through the night, he had been a bit quieter than usual. I didn't want to ring during the night as I was due in that day, so she popped me on the monitor there and then. The trace took an hour to complete so a doctor was asked to come annd review it. I was told that, although his base rate was good, the machine had not met criteria and that I needed to go for a c-section now - 17 minutes later infact!

Now I have the most beautiful and healthy baby boy weighing 8lb 10oz - he’s absolutely perfect.

I wouldn’t like to think what could have happened. My husband, who is the loveliest man you could ever wish to meet, said I was overreacting by saying he’s been quiet, so it's important that everyone is on board and supportive.

If you are ever even the tiniest bit worried about your baby's movements - call and tell your midwife.