I was booked in for an c section on Friday 3rd of may due to Polyhydramnios causing baby to be extremely unstable lie, it was cancelled 1 hour before I was due to go in and rearranged for Saturday the 4th morning as me and baby were technically both very well, but they told me to go to the day ward for my stats and bloods checked again (just routine for the op) I had anterior placenta so babies movement was all over the place not always consistent but even though I couldn’t always feel it I’ve always been told how active baby was (if that makes sense) and he did have good
Movement once he got going I just happened to mention on the ward to a lovely midwife although baby had been moving through night he had been a bit quite and I wasn’t going to ring at night as I was due in anyway (supposedly) that day she said no problem popped me in the monitor for 30mins however due to baby being to active and moving the trace took well over an hour to complete, next minute a dr arrived and said although babies base rate was good the machine had not met criteria and was told I was going for a c section right away (17 minutes later infact) i have the most beautiful and healthy baby boy weighing 8lb 10oz and he’s absolutely perfect I’m saying this because numerous times I’ve been tempted to use a home Doppler but never ever have and even with me feeling movement and using to to hear just for the sound i wouldn’t like to think what could of happened my husband (who is the loveliest man you could ever wish to meet) said I was overreacting by saying he’s been quite and even if you are alway always call and tell them your even the tiniest bit worried