I ordered a band from Kicks Count once my baby got close to 16 weeks and I'm convinced that little rainbow band is the reason she's here now, a happy healthy 3-day old baby girl.

I wore my band, monitored her movement and for months it was always fine. Her pattern and numbers were there to reassure me.

I got to 39-weeks and noticed I hadn't turned my band over as much as I went to bed on Monday night. I thought maybe I'd just been busy and it has slipped my mind, or maybe I was that used to my baby's kicks that I just hadn't noticed. I dismissd it, and went to sleep was only a few moves short surely nothing.

The next day I got up and I noticed again that I wasn't moving my wristband. By lunchtime her movements had been a lot less, she wasn't following her normal pattern, so I rang the Maternity Unit and went in to get checked.

I was convinced that it was nothing and I'd be home within an hour after they checked me over. They popped us on a monitor and her heart rate was fine, but she still wasn't moving much.

She was delivered just after 1am the following morning, less than 12 hours after I entered the Maternity Unit. Her umbilical cord was loosely wrapped around her neck. I dread to think what would have been had I not listened to my instincts - and my rainbow wristband that screamed to me something wasn't right.

Thank you so much for all you do, it's such an important message that you deliver. Kicks really do count.