Lewis's Story, told by his mum Laura.

I had my first son in 2015. I reported reduced movement and was advised he was running out of space and I didn’t pursue it, as I had little information and knowledge . My son was born 5 days later, at 41+5 and I was advised that his oxygen level was low and he was delivered just in time to avoid long lasting effects. He is now a healthy 6 year old. I found out about Kicks Count and followed you after this.
Fast forward to 2021 and a much wanted pregnancy with my rainbow baby. At 36 weeks, the pattern of movement changed significantly. I felt less movement and it was far less vigorous than previous movements. I attended hospital and a scan revealed a little extra amniotic fluid. I was told this was the reason I couldn’t feel movement. I went home, but knew instinctively that things were not right. This time, thanks to Kicks Count, I had the confidence to go back to hospital .
As a result, I was monitored every 48 hours over the course of a week, with CTG traces showing long periods of little movement. A week after I first attended, CTG traces were showing decelerations when the baby moved.
My beautiful baby boy Lewis was delivered safely on 14th September 2021 at 37+4 with the cord wrapped around his body and neck.
Without Kicks Count, I would never have had the confidence to go back to hospital. Kicks Count helped me realise how important it is to follow your instinct and report every episode of reduced movement. On the day Lewis was born, the doctor told me I was her best guide to the health of my baby. It turned out I was right and I am so grateful that I knew how important his movements were. Thank you for everything you do! 
It was stories like this that helped me, so I'm glad to do the same for others. 
Thank you again for the work you do - it’s been literally a life saver for my little boy.