Hair and breasts. The two (well technically 3) things I place most stock in appearance wise. Cleavage? Check. Curls? Check. We’re good to go! Now cancer is threatening to take it all, right when I’ve found a bloody good push up bra too!

While it may seem strange to some, the hair is my biggest concern. Yes the mastectomy is major surgery but in the long run how many people will really know? (Ignoring the fact I’ll tell anyone from the postman to the prime minister!) But appearance wise I can hide my boobs under jumpers, scarves, strategically placed pin badges. Hair is just….there! All the time!

I have therefore opted for cold cap treatment. This will freeze my head to -18 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and freeze the hair follicles, limiting the amount of chemo drugs that will reach them. Hopefully this will mean the majority of my hair will stay in place, although this is by no means guaranteed! The cap stays on for an hour before treatment, during the treatment and then for an hour when its finished. Given I get brain freeze from a slush puppy this could be an interesting challenge! The treatment however has the best chance of working, and is the least painful when the hair is short. So it’s either try and keep long hair but have a greater chance of losing it all. Or cut it and try and keep as much as possible.

I decided to take the plunge. Having had long hair for nearly all of my 36 years (bar two questionable bobs when I was 18 and 28) a short cut filled me with as much dread as when I see Sylvester Stallone’s name come up at the start of a film.

It is such a huge cut, and one I had so much invested in (with no boobs, chemo bloat and skin that looks like the before bit of a clearasil ad, the last thing I want is hair I hate too!) I therefore wanted the best, I wanted Lee Stafford. (In the words of my friend Sarah, ACTUAL Lee Stafford)

While I don’t normally mix in those circles, my mum always told me “where there’s a will, there’s a way” (although don’t tell her I listened to her!!) so I set my sights on getting an appointment. A bit of web trawling, Twitter stalking and emails to his PA and I had my lead!

Then the call came….I could have my appointment with Lee Satfford but because of his other commitments it needed to be 2 days later! Eeek! I thought I would have longer to come to terms with cutting my locks!! However there was no real decision to be made. When they said I had cancer and needed to lose my boobs, it was a no brainer, take them! And now when someone says Lee Stafford can cut your hair, no brainer…CUT IT!

I arrived at Lee’s flat (can I first name him?? Mr Stafford? Sir?) and my sister Catherine had already arrived and was chatting to his wife Jessica Jane in the kitchen. And before I move on to the cut…I need to talk about his wife. Holy Moly. 10 weeks after giving birth, in her jogging bottoms, hair tied up, and she’s still one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen! Having voted for her in “I’m a celeb” years ago I always hoped she was actually a bit rough in the flesh. No she’s not. She’s stunning. And bloody lovely. I know I have cancer but THAT is depressing!

And the flat was amazing too. I was comforted by the fact no one could have a flat like this, and get a girl like that, without being really good at what they do! So I was clearly in very safe hands.

We went through my chemo requirements, I needed something I don’t need to style too much as I need to minimise the amount I fondle my hair (do you fondle your hair?? Or am I still subconsciously perving??)

I was showing him some mid length bobs and longer ‘short’ styles and both him and Cat were shaking their head. He said he had a style in mind and got ‘the night manager’ up on iplayer, there was a girl with REALLY short hair!! Surely not!! On me?!? Miss Long Long Lengthy McLong?! And Catherine said she agreed, if I’m having Lee Stafford cut my hair I should just go for it. Hmmm. Then Beauty herself piped up from the sofa saying she thought it would look great! Well that’s it then! Let’s go!

Watching him cut it was like a show in itself. It was almost like each strand was being cut individually. It was so meticulously done and you could tell he loves what he does.

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As it was coming along I could sense my sister getting more and more excited! One of the reasons I took her is she CANNOT, under any circumstances, hide her true feelings from her face. Whatever comes out of her mouth is irrelevant when you can see what her face is saying! So I knew if I could see her I’d know what she really thought. And so far so good!!

While I try and smile politely, Cat’s face lets everyone know her true feelings….

As it came along I could not have been happier. I loved the style. I loved the cut. I loved how easy it was going to be to maintain. The man is a bloody genius!!

Having now washed it and ‘styled’ it myself (spent two seconds combing then ruffling it with my fingers) he was right. It really is an easy style!

I would never ever have had this done if I didn’t need it, but boy am I glad I have. Its no longer just a practical chemo cut, I actually like it!!

So thank you Mr Lee Stafford, for not just giving me the highly practical, low maintenance cut I asked for, but also giving me the kind of boost that can only come from a great cut or a new bra!

And let’s face it, one of those is more vital than the other at the moment…;)