Still feeling human and still off the pain killers, the only blip over the last few days has been 2 more quick trips back to the hospital. I’ll Call them ‘Unplanned’ as emergency is far too dramatic… Although I am partial to a bit of drama!

The first trip was when I noticed I couldn’t hold my arms by my side as I had done previously. It felt like my boobs were swelling out to the side and my arm ached when I lifted it. I spent far too long staring at my boobs in the mirror (still getting used to the new look!) before deciding they seemed fuller than the previous few days.

As you know as CEO of kicks count I spend a lot of time telling women not to google symptoms and if they have any concerns to call their midwife or maternity unit.

So having concerns about my swelling and unsure whether this was normal I said to my mum I must practice what I preach. So I didn’t go near Google or a forum and instead picked up my phone (I am pleased to say I haven’t googled anything since my diagnosis! Well nothing related to cancer, obviously I’ve googled other things but the less said about that the better…although I will say Victoria Beckham is a lucky lady!)

The breast care nurses arranged for me to go up and be seen by a doctor. Everything was fine and completely as expected but they were pleased I had been in and hadn’t tried to self diagnose! Gold star to me!! So it was home to relax and continue staring aimlessly at the knockers.

The next day was glamourous as usual, changing my drains. Not as easy as it looks! But we got there. However 6 hours after doing my best impression of a nurse I got up from my chair and noticed my side was all wet! Pretty sure I hadn’t done a projectile wee I put on my Poirot hat and investigated the source….that pesky drain!!! I’ve started to get the hang of the drains but one has been the problem child since the start. That child who is always ill, always causing drama, always up to something. In my family this drain would be…well Me! Born with dislocated hips, I’ve been a bit of a nightmare for my parents since day one! But as the middle child I’ve also been the most awesome obviously 

Unsure what to do about my leaky drain I once again picked up the phone (I’m such a good girl really!) The hospital suggested going to A&E to get it looked at. As I was at my parents it was a chance to check out another hospital! Woohoo! A bit like when you go to a supermarket in another town and if feels like a foreign holiday supermarket (or is that just me??)

wristbamdWhen we arrived the nurse I saw asked what I did, so I said I run a charity.
“Which one?”
Kicks count
“Oh I love that charity!! Me and my friend both used it when we were pregnant! We had the wristband and everything!”
I pointed to my mum, “well she would have sent those out, her and my dad are the distribution centre!”
I love hearing people say they have heard of the charity and when it’s a medical professional it’s a double whammy! I was leaving the hospital definitely more perky than I went in knowing the work we were doing at Kicks Count was having the desired effect!

While the last few days haven’t involved anything dramatic they have been a reminder that I seem to be tied to hospitals like a bungee rope! As soon as I get too far away I get pinged back at full speed!

So my challenge is to spend 2 full days away from a hospital…Bring it on!