Monday 23rd started off as a normal Morning, little babies movements all perfect, no worries at all. Started the day off fabulously.
Just before 3 pm in the afternoon started to feel slightly off couldnt put my finger in what was going on but rushed to toilet as felt like i was overly desperate near on not able to hold it in a massive pee, made it to the toilet and all this fluid just poured out, it was clear no smell of urine, no colour to it nothing and it wouldnt stop, when it finally did i reached for my phone and called my mum explaining what was happening at this point i was getting contractions very spaced apart but they was there, my mum told me to put phone down and call emergency triage midwives, so i did and they told me my waters had broke so to go down to day assessment at Treliske hospital.
On arrival at the day assessment i was examined and i was 3cm dilated, babys movements heart beat is perfect, we go up to delivery suite to prepare for the labour at this point they did not know if it would happen or not.
On examination in the delivery suite at 19:45 i was now 5cm contractions much more frequent getting much more painful, by 9:15pm i was 7cm, from then everything got much faster, just before 12 i went for a pee and it was after this i had the urge to really push, they got me back onto the bed, and i was now 10cm head visible at 12:10 5 minutes later little Lottie came out crying and placed straight onto my chest. Mummy and daddy was incredibly happy and over joyed at her safe arrival 6 weeks premature