Reduced Movements, Our Story told by Lucy Pullen.

The day started out normally on 11th February, baby was moving beautifully.... however by the afternoon her movements became sluggish and she wasn't as bouncy as she usually was!

I tried everything that's recommended to get her going but she wasn't budging

Instincts took us to the hospital to be checked. As this was our second round of reduced movements, it was decided I'd be induced on Friday.

Friday came ... to start, I was put on the monitor and baby was dancing. This was followed by a scan where she stopped moving and, despite the sonographers best efforts, baby would not budge. I was induced that evening but by Saturday morning nothing had happened. I was placed back on the monitor and that's when they found baby's heart was racing! This was at 10.30 ... At 10.57 my beautiful daughter was placed in my arms after an emergency c-section!

Thanks to your charity I knew to look out for not only slowing down but a change in movements - I can't thank you enough ...