Apart from having the usual sickness and ache and pains I had a fairly unremarkable first and second trimester. It wasn’t until 28 weeks that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was closely monitored for babies growth and blood sugars. Unable to control my sugars with diet alone at 30 weeks I was insulin dependant and having to inject over 10 units a day. Both my consultant and diabetic midwife stressed the importance of monitoring movements especially now that I was diabetic.

At 32 weeks, after a hectic and busy weekend in Rome, I realised I hadn’t felt much movement. Whilst trying to ignore my gut feelings I was distracting myself on Facebook on the drive home from the airport and saw your post. I realised something wasn’t right and drove straight from the airport to the MLU. As soon as I was hooked up sure enough the little monkey started moving and they let me go.

The following day I got the same gut feeling, and although feeling like a pain and a nuisance I rang the unit again and again they took me in and again the minute I was hooked up the monkey started kicking again! I was referred for a scan the following week and that scan showed the reason why I could hardly feel anything, almost all my waters had gone, the baby had no fluid to move around in and I couldn’t feel anything. Two further days of reduced movements and two scans later at 35 weeks the consultant said the lack of fluid, the gestational diabetes and the reduced moments all meant he wanted to induce me the next day.

After a long 3 day induction, but a short labour later, Florence was born at 36 weeks and weighing a good 6lb 15oz! We had a short stay in hospital for jaundice but she is now 5 months old, weighs over a stone and is thriving! Mothers instinct is a real thing! Trust it! I am so pleased that I swallowed that feeling of being a nuisance or a pain or a over worried mum to be- if you feel a gut feeling- your right. Trust it.