I had already had a couple of episodes of reduced movements and the heart rate monitoring was fine and both times always felt him moving once hooked up! But I was always asked to come back and have a scan which showed reduced growth so I was monitored with more scans.

I attended a scan at 34+4 and this still showed the growth had reduced but after routine BP and urine checks I was found to have pre-eclampsia and was admitted there and then. The plan was that I was to stay in until the baby was delivered which would be at 37 weeks at the latest. As part of routine checks I was hooked up to the CTG monitor to check baby's heart rate twice a day. The first two days were fine.

On the third day I was put on the monitor at 9am and at this point had not felt any movements. There was a slight dip in his heart rate so I was on the monitor for longer and eventually the midwives were not concerned but I was advised to let them know if I had still not felt movements after a few hours.

It got to 2pm and I had still not felt movements so was put back on the monitor and again it showed his heart rate dipping a little. The doctor was asked to see me and after reviewing the situation I was taken to the labour ward to consider induction. On the labour ward there were further reductions in his heart rate and I was quickly taken for an emergency c section. Freddie was born at 34+6, 9.55pm weighing a tiny 3lb9.

If I hadn't of been in tune with his movements in the first place his reduced growth wouldn't have been picked up. Also if I hadn't have kept reporting the reduced movements on the day he was born then who knows what could have happened.

He is now 6 weeks old and doing really well!