I can’t thank you enough! I used the Kicks Count app all through my pregnancy. Early on at 24 weeks I started noticing I would have days of no movement at all, there was no pattern to these days I could go two weeks and everything would be fine and then I’d have a whole day of no movement. Anyway, I would always go to be monitored during these days. I was classed as a high risk pregnancy anyway and due to repeat episodes of reduced movements I was put under surveillance and had to have 3 liquor volume and doppler scans a week to monitor the episodes of reduced movements.

Everything was fine until I was 36+4 when I woke up in the night and didn’t feel my baby move at all. In the early hours I went to my Maternity Unit and had ctg monitoring which I was told was fine. However I still didn’t feel my daughter move. Luckily I had my monitoring scan later on that day so I went home and went back for my scan, only this time they discovered that my placenta had stopped working and I had to be admitted as an emergency and induced.

I want to thank you because if it hadn’t of been for your advice and app my daughter might not be alive today so thank you for helping me bring my daughter into this world safely!