Thanks to Kicks Count and using their app, I noticed reduced movements in my baby. It turns out that I lost my waters at 28 weeks and also developed pre-eclampsia.

I started using the Kicks Count App from about 20 weeks and soon noticed a little pattern forming from my little girl.

I remember the first time I had reduced movements, I went straight to Day Assessment at the hospital. Thankfully, all was found to be well with the baby.

Then, it happened a second time. I was booked in to have a scan, to make sure she was OK. Again, it showed she was all fine and well and it reassured me.

When I had reduced movements for the third time, I had another scan. This time they noticed that my waters were low, which lead to the diagnosis of PPROM which is when your water break early. I also had pre-eclampsia and my little girl had in uterine growth restriction.

My miracle daughter was delivered at 33-weeks and we managed to give her steroids in time for the birth. Much to my relief she was born screaming and very healthy! Emilia weighed a tiny 3lbs 4oz and stayed in NICU for 3 weeks.

Without Kicks Count I would never have felt empowered to speak up about the reduced movement, and I probably wouldn't have my little girl here today.

Always follow your instinct!