"I set out to create a range of activewear that would allow women to have clothing that would adapt to their changing shapes and support needs as their bumps got bigger. But still look fabulous!

And so the Natal Active range was born. Comfortable, supportive leggings, bras that adapt to your changing shape and tops that you can throw over it all on your way to the gym – and every item suitable to wear during every stage of your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Because the other thing I’ve always understood is the value of being able to buy clothing that you can enjoy long beyond the pregnancy bump.

I want our clothes to be colourful, functional and stylish and play their own small part in helping you look and feel your best. Whether your goal is to keep walking, or whether you plan to run into the delivery suite, we want to be here to support you.

Claire xx"

Our range of leggings and shorts are the only clothes to carry the innovative ‘life saving label’ - a handy reminder from Kicks Count to monitor your baby’s movements every day.

In the UK, 9 babies are stillborn every single day. While there isn’t one cause of stillbirth, a decrease in fetal movement can be a key warning sign that a baby is in distress and we are proud to support Kicks Count in their goal to raise awareness of babies movements and encourage mums to report any changes in movement immediately. With the right monitoring, it is estimated that a third of stillbirths could be prevented.

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As part of our programme to build our sustainable practises and support charitable causes that support women, we have launched a Pre-Loved Programme where you can now ‘sell back’ your pre-loved Natal Active products, in exchange for a £10 Natal Active gift voucher for the first item returned to us, plus a £5 voucher for each subsequent item*. You can either use this yourself or gift it to a pregnant or breastfeeding friend to use. We will sell suitable clothing on, and our net proceeds from the sale will be donated to Kicks Count. 

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