Climbing over 2 suitcases and a trunki to get into bed for the 4th day in a row I’ve decided maybe its time to unpack from the cancermoon. I hate this bit. Just piles and piles of washing. Muuuuuuuuuummmmm!

To overcome the depressing task of unpacking from a holiday I’ve decided to also pack for my next little jaunt, my 4 day trip to hospital! While trying to sort the things I need to take with me it dawned on me that its a bit like packing for a spa break. Other than the bikini, which I may leave at home on this occasion, I seem to be packing the same things. And as I see it I’ll be getting lots of rest, having meals brought to me and reading lots of magazines. Sounds like a spa to me! NHS do sea salt body scrubs right??

I’ve still got 3 weeks before I go in but only a couple of child free shopping days (it feels a bit like christmas when time is suddenly counted in shopping days rather than just days!) The first of my child free shopping days is tomorrow so I’m hoping by starting the packing process I can work out what I need.

First thing added to the list is a new button up nightshirt. I don’t really want to be stuck in spa-issue gowns for the full 3 days so will be on the lookout for a lovely little button down number (I won’t be able to lift my arms after the op so need clothes that fasten at the front rather than go over my head) I’m not sure Victoria Secret really cater for this style of gown so I could be mingling with the blue rinse brigade in a more ‘mature’ shop. (I’m usually the youngest person in the breast clinic by about 30 years so am used to hanging out with the old gals)

I’ll also need to buy some higher necked shirts for the period before my first boob inflation and some mastectomy bras.

For other bits and bobs Ive found a certain list I wrote a while ago quite useful. Its the list on this very website for labour bags! I learnt a lot from my maternity stays and decided to pass on that wisdom to first timers checking out Kicks Count, I didn’t think it would come in so handy for me too! I’m hoping i wont be needing nice thick maternity pads and cheap underwear to throw away though but things like ear plugs, face cleansing wipes, water in a sports bottle are all being added to tomorrows shopping list!

Other than that I guess it will just be things to relieve boredom. Im not sure how good wifi is in the Spa so will be going old school with magazines and books… no idea where you buy them these days? If you have any ideas for games or apps that don’t need wifi to play please tweet me @boobyblog!

Shopping Update

Well it may not be Victoria Secret but Boux Avenue had a great button up night number! Not the most seductive number for grabbing the attention of the nice young Doctors doing the rounds on my ward, but still better than Spa-issue.

For the mastectomy bras I thought I’d try good old M&S (the only high street retailer I know that sells bras specifically for post surgery) and was pleasantly surprised! I was expecting black or white but they actually had a couple of pattern ones too (with matching Knickers to boot…that fit young Doctor could be back on the menu!) Sales of these also support Breast Cancer Now.

After the practical stop at Boots for the wipes, ear plugs and other mini toiletry items it was on to the fun stuff… post op clothes! Button up, loose and not low cut were my requirements and I was in luck! Apparently that look is quite fashionable as they were in nearly every shop! All in all a relaxed and successful day’s shopping, its not often I say that these days!