How my baby's reduced movements signalled a problem, triggered my induction - and his safe arrival.

Apart from becoming very impatient to meet my baby, I felt well and full of energy at 40 weeks and 5 days. My baby was full term and I felt safe in the knowledge that he could come whenever he was ready.

We went out shopping in the morning, then out for lunch, determined to make the most of what was most likely to be our last chilled out weekend in a while. I noticed I hadn’t felt as much movement as usual, but I'd been really busy, so I told myself he was bound to start moving again later once I'd sat down. Once home I decided to lay down on my side but still movement didn’t pick up. After an hour of very little movement, I decided it was time to ring the Maternity Unit.

At hospital, they strapped me to the monitor and his movements were recorded. His movement was still reduced and, after further tests, I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia.

I had no typical symptoms. No headache. No flashing lights. No other signs that anything was wrong. My baby's reduced movement was the first sign that something wasn’t quite right.

From this point I was given blood pressure medication and induced, however, he was delivered via emergency section two days later. We were constantly monitored throughout my labour and, although not quite the labour I would have hoped for, I’m so grateful for the awareness around that Kicks Count raise. If I'd not gone to the hospital to get checked things could have been very different for me and my baby. 

I'd been into hospital with reduced movement twice before this point. When everything was fine I had left feeling silly and that I had wasted people’s time, despite midwives reassuring me otherwise. I want other women to never feel like this - stick to your gut instinct. It’s always better to be safe, there is just too much at stake.


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