Two healthy babies after two experiences of reduced movements

This post has been a long time in the making, partly because I’m still getting over everything that has happened and partly because I’m spending all my time soaking up my babies.

My first son was born 12 days late with no complications at all - I was completely unaware of the importance of monitoring movement.

I had a few occasions of bleeding during my second pregnancy, which required a visit to the day unit at the maternity hospital. On all occasions, I was told my son was fine, thank goodness.

At work one day I was convinced I hadn’t felt any movement but put it down to being busy and just not noticing. I went home and had a hot bath, a cold drink and laid down but still nothing. I went back to the day unit where they put me on the monitor, but this time they couldn't get any movements from my baby. I was induced immediately as his heart rate was very low.

My son was born at 34 weeks with a severe chest infection and needed 3 weeks in special care. I dread to think what could have happened if I had not paid attention to his movement. I'm happy to say he is now a thriving 3-year-old, all be it with an inhaler for his asthma.

12 days ago we welcomed our second miracle baby. My third baby, my first daughter. After a trip to the hospital due to reduced movements, she was delivered by emergency c-section at 35 weeks. My placenta had tiny bleeds and had stopped working effectively.

She was born with an untraceable sugar count and struggling to breathe. After 11 days in special care we made it home yesterday.

Two babies who prove just how important it is to monitor your baby's movements. I'm sure neither of them would be here if I hadn’t noticed in time.

I cannot thank you enough for making me so aware of how important noticing my babies movements is and getting to know their routine.

I can now relax as a Mum with 3 healthy babies and a complete family. Kicks really do count!