Mother’s Day is extra special as we get to celebrate it for both of us.

This year will be extra hard as I suffered a miscarriage in October 2020 and in January 2021 so we will be remembering our angel babies too.

Motherhood to us is our journey from when we first planned for a family. Being a same sex couple our journey to parenthood hasn’t been easy, but it was worth every second. We have suffered a lot of criticism but we have the happiest most loving child and that to us just makes parenthood worth every second.

Normally we celebrate Mother’s Day by going out for lunch, me, my wife and our daughter and having a family day.
This year with lockdown our daughter Matilda, who’s now 5, has told us she is making us our cards and she is making us breakfast - I’m not sure what this will consist of considering she is only 5! Then we'll go for a walk and get a takeaway for dinner.

As we’ve suffered 2 miscarriages in the last 6 months we will light a candle for our babies and then say good night to the stars before Matlida goes to bed.