Whatever the type of birth you have, it takes time for your body to heal.

Many mums, in particular after their first baby, find postpartum soreness a little bit of a surprise. It can be uncomfortable to sit down, walk very far and go to the toilet. Your body has been through so much, so try and get as much rest as you can and don’t push yourself too far, give yourself time to heal.

We asked for your birth-recovery top tips and here you'll are 13 great suggestions.

Sam: Put your sanitary towels in the freezer. Gives a bit of relief when it first goes on!!

Candi: Don’t rush around showing off baby, let them come to you xx

Emily: Tea tree essential oil and coconut oil baths saved me

Mandy: This was the biggest shock to me after my little boy was born as no-one had mentioned it! I had a forceps delivery and stitches and the best thing which helped me was a few drops of lavender oil in a small glass of milk then poured into a bath…. You have to put it in the milk first or otherwise the oil just sits on top of the bathwater

Joanna: Take arnica it helps support healing from the inside

Becky: Donut shape cushion!

Bex: When I had my c-sections, after the birth when my scar was healing my stretched tummy would sit over my wound making it moist. So to keep it dry so it healed well, I used a clean hanky to put over the wound. X

Jessica: Pain killers and warm wheat bag for after pains. X

Sarah: Don’t be down on yourself about how you look! It takes nine months for your body to stretch to accommodate a newborn size baby, it’ll take at least that long to go back! You make people! Give yourself a break!

Megan: If you are offered help… take it?! Be it the midwives offering painkillers, to family and friends offering to help with housework?! You and your baby have already been through a lot, you’re allowed to just sit and enjoy your precious bundle without putting on a brave face and pushing yourself because it will just make recovery longer xx

Amy: Double pads … gives you a little cushion to sit on!

Maria: Pour a jug of warm water over your bits when you wee. Doesn’t sting at all that way. And don’t overdo it. Rest rest rest. Wish I’d rested more.

Jessie: Listen to your midwife and do your pelvic floors!

What would you add to this list?