In a remarkable display of dedication to sustainability, Recycle for Kicks Count NI, a Mid Ulster recycling group, has been honoured with a prestigious Green Can Award by Every Can Counts. Their relentless efforts have resulted in the recycling of over 1,400 kg of aluminium cans in the past year alone, showcasing their commitment to both environmental stewardship and community welfare.

Led by Vicky Seviour-Crockett, Recycle for Kicks Count NI has become a beacon of environmental responsibility, engaging over 5,000 members on Facebook and numerous individuals within the local community. They have established 41 recycling points across Northern Ireland, spanning various establishments such as schools, pubs, and cafes, demonstrating their inclusive approach to sustainability.

A sustainable partnership inducing circular economy 

Partnering with Bryson Recycling, a Mallusk-based company, the group ensures that every aluminium can collected finds its way into the recycling stream. The proceeds generated from these efforts are then channelled towards Kicks Count, a charity dedicated to reducing stillbirth and neonatal death rates, thereby creating a symbiotic relationship between environmental preservation and charitable giving.

Impactful results and heartfelt gratitude

Recycle for Kicks Count NI's impact is evident in the staggering statistics - recycling an average of 150 kg of aluminium cans monthly and contributing almost £20,000 to Kicks Count. Vicky Seviour-Crockett expressed her gratitude for the recognition, emphasising the personal significance of their mission and the profound impact it has on families in need.

She commented: "We're so grateful for the recognition Every Can Counts has given us with this award – it's really rewarding to have all our hard work acknowledged."

"From a couple of collection points in Ulster to over 41 across the whole of Northern Ireland, I'm super proud of our team for raising funds for Kicks Count. It is a charity that is very close to my heart, and I credit it with saving the life of my son, so anything we can do to give back to them and help other families is fantastic," Vicky added.

A testament to possibilities

Chris Latham-Warde of Every Can Counts commended the group for their inspiring efforts, highlighting the transformative potential of community-driven initiatives in bolstering aluminium recycling rates and supporting charitable causes.

The Programme Manager at Every Can Counts, Latham-Warde, specified: "Vicky and her team are an inspiration and so deserving of our Green Can Award. The difference they're making across Northern Ireland is not only impressive, but it also sets a great example of how people can get involved in increasing aluminium recycling rates whilst also raising money for charities such as Kicks Count. Aluminium can be recycled time after time and every empty drink can could be recycled and put back on the counter as a brand-new can in just 60 days."

Recycle for Kicks Count NI exemplifies the transformative potential of grassroots initiatives in driving sustainability and social impact. Their story underscores the importance of collective action in addressing pressing environmental and societal challenges while also showcasing the remarkable circularity and recyclability of aluminium as a key element in the transition towards a more sustainable future.

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