I had a routine growth scan at 27 weeks, everything was fine and the baby was growing nicely!

A few days later and his movement patterns changed, they were still there but something was off. I downloaded the Kicks Count app and started to record movements and realised they were gradually reducing, so went off to the maternity unit. I spent 2 hours on monitors and they were happy, he picked up and sent me home.

At 28 weeks my usual daily kicks came an hour later, instead of my 5.30am kicks, it was 6.30 and he was unusually quiet. I went back to the maternity unit was put on the monitor and once again. He did pick up, so I was sent home and offered a scan 2 days later. They said it needed to be 2 weeks after my last scan as it was unlikely any issues would be picked up otherwise.

When I had my scan it was discovered that he had a tear in his abdomen and his intestines were in his stomach and he would need surgery as soon as he was born. It was also discovered that my placenta was too high so he was struggling to get everything that he needed. I was admitted to hospital and on monitors for a week until it was decided his heart rate was dropping and he was delivered! He was born at 30 weeks + 3 days weighing 3lb 8oz he cried and it was the most relieved I've ever felt!

I wanted to share my story as this is my 3rd baby but had it been my first I may not have realised anything was wrong. The day of my scan I had been in work, I left early to go and I ended up not leaving the hospital. If I had not been aware of his movements I would not have him here. I have Kicks Count to thank for their campaigning and raising awareness without them I'm convinced there would have been a completely different come for us!