Two sisters-in-law from Glasgow have given birth to their babies, cousins Aria and Ruby, at the same hospital on the same day.

Proud first-time mums Julie Stanulis and Kerry Apartopoulous both welcomed their babies at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital on 8th September 2019. To make it even more special, both mums were supported by the same midwife. The midwife first supported Kerry, who delivered daughter Ruby at 12.26am, before coming back to work to support Julie, who welcomed baby Aria 23-hours later.

Julie, who is married to Kerry’s brother Joe, told the Daily Record: “It’s really unbelievable. Kerry and I never expected the have two girls in the same ward, in the hospital, on the same day all with the help of the same midwife. We are really lucky to have each other and we’re so excited to see the girls grow up together” she added, "Kerry and I were close before but sharing this experience has made us closer.”

Kerry, 27, added: “Julie and I could have had our babies as much as six weeks apart and we joked all the way through our pregnancies about having them on the same day to save family multiple hospital trips but we couldn’t believe it when it actually happened. It’s really special that our beautiful girls were born 23 hours apart. Our daughters will have a bond for life and I’m so glad that they each have a best friend to grow up with.”

Both women fell pregnant just two weeks apart at the end of 2018 and had been supporting each other through their pregnancies.