This photograph is just wonderful, such love for little Maddox from his proud mum Jade. Maddox was delivered at at 34+2 weeks after she noticed that his movements had reduced.

In a lovely message, Jade said: "Can I just say a massive thank you! If it wasn’t for Kicks Count my little boy may not be alive! I went into hospital on the 13th of May with reduced movements. I trusted my instinct and followed your amazing advise, within an hour of walking through the maternity triage doors I was having a section to get my little boy out (34+2 weeks gestation) He’s now been transferred to Evilina (St Thomas) and is on life support but he’s stable, something that might not have been possible if I didn’t follow your advice and for that I’m thankful! Again thank you so much 😍 here’s a pic of my little boy Maddox who is alive because of you!!"

Like Jade did, it's so important for mums-to-be to report their concerns about movement and trust their instincts, nobody knows their baby better. If you're ever in doubt, get checked out.