How beautiful is this little lady? Ellie was delivered safely at 37 weeks by a quick-acting maternity team when her proud mum Kim continued to report reduced movement; Ellie was eventually found to be in distress.

Telling us their story, Kim said, "We were all so excited for our family of 3 to become 4. We already have a little boy and sadly lost a baby last year so were very excited to be expecting our Rainbow baby.

From 31 weeks pregnant my baby wasn’t moving how they normally would. I went into day assessment to be treated by wonderful midwives and was monitored and sent for a scan. It was picked up I had very low waters around the baby so I would be monitored every 72 hours and have frequent scans. During this time, even though I was being monitored, I still felt like baby wasn’t moving normally so went in extra times (never made to feel silly) and all was fine. Then on week 35 I had another day of reduced movements and baby's heart rate had changed and growth had dramatically slowed down. I was then induced and in a very quick 35 minutes and nearly born in the lift ... Our beautiful little girl Ellie was born!

Things were great and we were discharged home within few hours as was my second baby and short staff. Things went wrong as we got home ...

Ellie wouldn’t feed and was very very sleepy. At 12 hours old without a feed, we phoned the unit and they said to come back in and they will show me how to feed her. It was picked up Ellie had jaundice so was to be given phototherapy. They stripped her off and then I saw the nurses mouth drop. A consultant was called in and I was asked to step back. Within hours Ellie was having X-rays, tubes, bloods, gases and cannulas put in. Her tummy was so extended that it was blue. We were blue lighted by ambulance to Southampton Hospital Intensive care, where after the worst 8 days of my life she was given the all clear of some pretty nasty and life threatening conditions.

They said it all came down to where I had hardly any fluid (babies drink, digest and wee this out) that she was redigesting dirty fluid and she became very blocked making her very unwell.

I always talk about Kicks Count as helped with my first born, but I can truely say this time it saved my little girls life. If she was left much longer we were told she probably wouldn’t be here today. Please don’t ever feel silly for going in a millions times if you feel something isn’t right. I was told it’s their job 😊

A massive thank you to Kicks Count from the bottom of our Hearts. You're angels" - Kim Edwards

Weare continuing to work hard to ensure more babies are delivered safely and the stillbirth rate in the UK significantly drops. It's very important that mums report any concerns about movement no matter how many times it happens, even if they have done so before and everything was OK. Just like Kim did - if you're in doubt, get checked out!