How beautiful is this little guy? He was delivered safely at at 37 weeks as his super mum continued to report reduced movement each time it happened, using one of our wristbands to keep track.

Telling us about his arrival, proud mum Isobel Ibbotson said: "I wanted to say thank you. Tonight I'm sitting on the sofa with my five day old son snuggled on my chest. It could have been very different. Because of your campaigns I diligently monitored his movements using your wristband and noticed reduced movements 4 times. Each time I went to get checked out and last week I went for a growth scan. They picked up decelerations on his trace and I was booked for another scan 2 days later. This time they noticed that my waters had dropped from 6cm to 2cm and immediately decided to induce me. I was 37+5 weeks. On 11.04.18 my son was delivered and is a gorgeous healthy boy. It could have been very different if I wasn't monitoring his movements and knew his normal pattern. My husband and I can't thank you enough."

We love stories like these and are continuing to work hard to ensure more babies are delivered safely and the stillbirth rate in the UK significantly drops. It's very important that mums report any concerns about movement no matter how many times it happens, even if they have done so before and everything was OK. Just like Isobel did - if you're in doubt, get checked out.