Little Clementine was born at 35 weeks when her worried mum gained the courage to report her concerns over movements and how unwell she felt. A fast-acting medical team delivered her by emergency c-section, getting to her just in time.

Speaking about her experience in 2016, Jessica Home said: "I was going about my usual day feeling pretty sick and dizzy and kept having to sit down as I was worried I might faint. I hadn't been feeling well for a week and assumed it was just usual pregnancy aches and pains. By lunchtime I kept thinking that I hadn't felt her move much, but I just thought I was being over the top. I went for a walk with a friend and was struggling to push the pram as I felt so light headed, uncomfortable and out of breath but, again, I assumed it was just pregnancy stuff so ignored it.

That evening I got into bed and fretted all night until 3am. Feeling more uneasy I decided to look for information about baby movements and in my bounty pack I came across a Kicks Count leaflet. It gave me the confidence to ring the hospital and ask for support. They were great and told me to go straight there to be checked over.

I reached the hospital and only put two hours on the car as I thought I would be going home once they checked me. They put me on a monitor and asked if I realised I was having contractions - I thought I was having braxton hicks! After around 30 minutes of monitoring the doctor came in and said I needed to go straight to theatre, they had no time to waste as baby was distressed and her heart rate kept dropping. I really panicked as they said it was too urgent for them to wait for my husband to arrive, thankfully I had some lovely midwives who kept me calm.

Clementine was born premature at 35 weeks, she was not breathing and had to be resuscitated. They discovered I had a full placental abruption and we were both lucky to be alive. I needed a blood transfusion and they whisked Clemmy to SCBU where she stayed for 12 days.

It was only due to my instincts as a mother, the guidance of your Kicks Count leaflet and the great care I had at the hospital where the doctor/surgeon had made all the right choices for me that Clemmy is here with us today, and I and my husband understand that it could have been a totally different outcome."

Every day in the UK, 15 babies die before, during or soon after birth. It's an uncomfortable statistic and a tragic reality for too many people. We are working hard to ensure more babies are delivered in time, just like little Clemmy. If in doubt, get checked out.