Beautiful baby Florence was born at 35+4 when her mum, Sara, just knew that "something wasn't right". Telling us about their experience Sara said:
"We were over the Moon on the 26th April to find out we were pregnant – due just 2 days after Christmas our year was flying by counting down the weeks and days.
Our pregnancy went amazingly well with me continuing to enjoying my running until 27 weeks, I was feeling great and all scans/appointments were showing our baby was growing right on target. We couldn’t be happier.
At 34+1 weeks I felt something wasn’t right, wether I had been busy and just hadn’t noticed but the baby seemed quiet and I felt awfully uncomfortable. I went to bed like any other night, ready for the next working day. At 1:30 am I woke up losing blood, we were both upset, frightened, and feared the worst. I was immediately taken to hospital where I received fantastic care and reassurance. The relief to hear the baby’s heart beat was unexplainable and reduced us both to tears. I was to stay in hospital for a number of days until the bleed stopped. I was monitored and scanned during those 4 days. I was told I had a bleed on the placenta, which apparently is quite rare. I was sent home, still feeling very uneasy about the whole situation and feeling like my body was failing our baby. I felt like my baby was no longer safe inside me. 
During the days in hospital I found I became very aware of every movement from the baby, I needed to feel the baby to know he/she was ok. After returning home for just one night I felt the baby was quieter than usual, from Kicks Count info I knew that I would never forgive myself if I didn’t get my baby checked. We returned to the hospital, I was hooked up to the machines and told all was ok, so we returned home again.
Two days later, again, I still wasn’t happy that all was ok. I rang the midwife and off I went to hospital. I felt so silly that I was fussing so much, but I knew it was the right thing to do. My Kicks Count Wristband reassured me that I wasn’t being paranoid and the baby was very quiet for what was normal, with only 2 episodes of movement during the day.  Everything was found to be ok on the monitors but as I had expressed how worried I was that something wasn’t right the midwives also agreed to do a scan, just to be sure. The scan revealed the haematoma on my placenta had grown over the past few days and the fluid around the baby had become slightly low. At this point the decision was made to induce me.
I had a number of induction drugs over the next few days, but our little lady didn’t budge, so on the evening of 26th Nov it was decided to break my waters.  After a six hour labour our beautiful baby Florence finally arrived (35+4 weeks) at 5:10am weighing 5Ib 4oz. She was absolutely perfect. We spent some time in hospital where she received a little special care. Exactly a week later we went home to celebrate our Christmas together as a family. I can’t thank Kicks Count enough for giving me the confidence to return to the hospital when I knew things were not right. Always follow your gut instinct as a mam, what feels right and what doesn’t. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I have my beautiful baby in my arms smiling up at me xxx"