This beautiful little girl was born at 33 weeks when her mum, Jenny, recognised that her movements weren't what she had come to expect as normal. Speaking about her surprise arrival, Jenny said:
"Just a quick note to say thank you for raising awareness about the importance of being aware of baby’s movements. Having followed your page and charity for some time, I knew that something wasn’t right on Sunday 3rd June when my baby wasn’t following her usual movement pattern. We went into hospital for monitoring on Monday 4th June at 9am and following concerning ECGs our beautiful little bundle crash landed into the world at 1.42pm by emergency c-section. She was born at 36+6 and weighed just 5lb 9oz. We’ve now been home for a week and she’s doing great but it could have been an entirely different story had I not sought help when I did. Keep up the awesome work, you guys are ace!"
We absoutely love stories like these and are continuing to work hard to ensure more babies are delivered safely. Mums knowing their babies and trusting their instinct is so important. Just like Jenny did, if you're in doubt, get checked out.