Completing a Half Marathon is no easy feat, and we're grateful that Susan recently chose to support Kicks Count while taking on the challenging Surrey Half around Guildford.

Susan Wells, hereby known to us as Super Susan, first contacted us in 2019. Hoping to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon but unable to, she was determined to run the Surrey Half Marathon to help us save babies' lives.

Setting herself the impressive goal of raising £500, Susan spent months fundraising, training and preparing. Finally tackling her marathon on 8th March 2020, her first half marathon in seven years, she finished in a personal best time and described the challenge as both "mental and physical" with "great support".

An incredible lady, she's smashed her fundraising target and raised £600 to help us prevent stillbirth.

She told us:

I started following the charity when I was pregnant with my first child; Charlie - he will be 6 this year. I went to the hospital at 36 weeks as I was worried about movements but all was fine thank goodness. I then had an ectopic pregnancy which resulted in me having to have surgery and one of my tubes removed - it was really upsetting but I was so early on it almost didn't feel real. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain people must suffer with a stillbirth. I luckily feel pregnant again with my daughter (Flora) who is now 2. I joined your due-in-month Facebook group which I found really good and just fun to share and read about all the other mums.
I just think what you do is so important, and mums-to-be should be fully informed and also not feel that they are 'bothering' anyone if they want to go and get baby checked. Keep doing what you are doing xx

Making a Difference

Thanks to Susan's hard work and support she's made a big difference to our small charity. We'd also like to extend our thanks to every single person who donated to her fundraising page - your support will help us continue to save lives. How? The £600 raised enables us to produce twelve more awareness banners. The banners are displayed in maternity waiting rooms, raising vital awareness to the thousands of pregnant women who sit in them each year.

If you're inspired to join Susan as a Super Supporter ...


How does the awareness of baby's movements help?

Midwife Fiona was well aware of the importance of her baby's movements. After she recognised his movements had reduced, her son Joseph's life was saved.