It's 2019 and baby loss remains a taboo subject. For numerous years organisations and individuals have worked hard to facilitate discussion and give families a voice. Since this spring, that includes inventive theatre company Theatre Re.

We were recently invited to speak to Company director Guillaume Pigé about Birth, the show that is soon to grace the stage at The Pleasance in Edinburgh. 

Birth explores the bond between three women, their shared loss, their unconditional love and the strength they discover in each other. 

Emily is eight months pregnant when she reads her grandmother's journal. As she delves into her family history, her sense of reality shifts, unveiling a legacy of unspoken tragedies and unconditional love. Pregnancy loss becomes the shared secret of three generations of the same family. 

We were particularly interested to hear that the group doesn't start a project with one writer with one idea. Instead, they improvise and form ideas organically, together. The show isn't one person's feeling or a figment of a single imagination. In the baby loss community, our stories are unique, but our common connection is always there. That being said, the way in which the idea for this show came to life, seems fitting.

Guillaume said, "We explored the idea of secrets in families. We all drew our family trees and realised that regardless of our origins, every tree had one thing in common: pregnancy loss and how little we knew about it."

Undoubtedly, Guillaume and his critically-acclaimed team have learnt a lot in the two-year development period. In addition to working with experts in fields such as neuroscience and public health, to ensure accuracy and sensitivity, they collaborated with charities Anyone EveryMum and Aching Arms.  Vitally, this included interviewing women who have experienced the devastating loss of their baby.

Their run in Edinburgh follows a sell-out run at London International Mime Festival 2019. 

Guillaume hopes that the show will trigger thought-provoking and active discussion, giving people a greater understanding and perspective. Here at Kicks Count, we do too.