In 2013 just 9 months after having our first baby girl we found out we were pregnant again it was scary to think I would have 2 children under 2 but I knew I would manage with some help from friends and family.

In April 2014 we found out it was another girl. My pregnancy was a normal pregnancy no trouble at all. As I got further on in my pregnancy I decided with my midwife I wanted another cesarian (first baby was emergancy cesarian) but this had to go through my consultant who wouldn't take it in to consideration until the 14th of July when I went in and cried because I couldn't cope with being pregnant anymore this was at 38 weeks (it was the summer of the heatwave and I was really swollen as you can imagine) he agreed and told me they had the 6th of August or the 15th of July.

As I was 38 weeks already i was happy to come back the next day and have our baby but the consultant told us no it wasn't possible as we would have to have a pre op and there wasn't enough time (i believe there was time) she he booked me in for there 6th of August 10 days after my due date (that was better than my first baby girl she was 15 days late). The time went on the midwife appointment came to have a sweep this was on Wednesday 30th of July and by the the early hours of Thursday morning I could feel the contractions starting they were slow but they were there, we went to the hospital on Friday still in labour and not sleeping due to the pain to be told it was only early labour so go home and wait, well the longest weekend came and went I went for my pre op on Tuesday the 5th of August everything was fine baby was all down one side but was fine heartbeat strong no problems see you tomorrow.

Wednesday the 6th of August, 2am, I woke up feeling funny still in labour but something wasn't right I thought maybe nerves. We went to the hospital for 7am 2 other couples in the room, I put on the hospital gown held my partners hand tight and waited to be taking into another room for another pre op type examination. When we went in they did the usual blood pressure temp etc then was time for the heart beat with the Doppler I lay on the bed my partner at the other side of the room she put the Doppler on and started moving it around... 5 minutes past still nothing I looked at my partner with tears in my eyes and shook my head. Another 5minutes still no luck she went to get the consultant who brought a scanning machine but the lighting was good so she walked us down to a proper scanning room (this was difficult as I was visibly upset I was sobbing and we had to walk past everyone waiting in the reception for there scans) we got in there I laid down she looked and just touched my arm and I knew I burst into tears apologising to my partner. We were then taken into a room on labour ward to discuss our options we decided to stick to having the section that day we called our parents and told them the tragic news then it was time to go down. I felt I was in theatre for hours but at 11.45am weighing a whooping 9lb 9oz Violet entered the world the theatre was silent they asked if we wanted to see her there and then and I said no not at that moment. We were taken into a private room and Violet was brought in. She was beautiful and the double of her sister. The midwives were wonderful and we were really looked after. Even when we left the hospital we took Violet down to the rose garden and came back to visit everyday. Our eldest girl Macie is now very aware of her baby sister and that she is up in the clouds and in time our newest baby Miley will know all about her other big sister too.