One of the things I have noticed over the last few days is people seem to suddenly have a lot less problems. And those problems they do have tend to be followed by “obviously I know its nothing compared to what you’re going through” Well lets cut that crap out now. We are not playing problem top trumps here. We are all just going about our lives and dealing with stuff as it crops up. If someone at work is using your coffee mug and not washing it up, let’s bitch about it!

(Man flu, as always, is excluded. If you have man flu the cancer card is coming out and being waved under your ever so slightly snotty nose)

I haven’t had the “lifes too short” or “as long as you have your health” epiphany yet, and I am not sure I will. We have always known health is important but our happiness doesn’t rely solely on our health. If it did we’d all be living in tents with a vat of Echinacea singing ‘the sun has got his hat on’. But we are not. Problems are relative, to a 4 year old the fact they’ve got duplicate shopkins in their blind bags is a big deal, to a 35 year old not quite so much (although there’s no denying I do well up occasionally…)

If we look at all the problems in the world, terrorism, unsanitary water for children, civil wars, children living in the slums, is the fact I have a hideous tumour growing in my boob really that big a deal? No probably not. But to me it’s a very big deal. Just like the fact you accidentally sent a sexy picture to your boss instead of your boyfriend is a big deal to you. So lets not compare problems because the fact we can sit around in a warm house, with a cup of tea (or coke) and compare these problems means against the world we probably wont win

Whenever I think of comparing problems I think of Basil Fawlty and the hapless O’Reilly

“Remember Mr Fawlty, theres always someone worse off than yourself”

“Oh is there? Well I’d like to meet him I could do with a laugh!”

I know for a fact people have it worse than me, some of them are on my facebook friends list, but I hope they wont belittle my problem. And just as I hope they wont belittle mine, I wont belittle yours.

So lets all moan about our first world problems as we always have done, I will moan about my cancer but I will also moan when I forget to series link a series and it only records one episode, or when I lose my phone and realize I’ve left it on silent!

To give you an idea some of the problems I’ve had in the last week are:

Breast Cancer

Ex husband didn’t put my car seat back in its position after moving my car

Laptop battery got down to 10% when the charger was upstairs

Left a bottle of water in front of the TV so the remote didn’t work, had to get up and change the channel

Lost the takeaway menu, had to wait ages for the website to load

Youtube App froze while trying to watch a cat sneeze

Stalked someone on facebook and accidentally clicked “add friend”

Was 40p below the minimum order amount for free delivery, cheapest item on the website was £4.99, spent too long deciding what the hell to do

Iphone charger cable is too short so I can only lie on my left side in bed if I want to use it, I prefer my right

My crème brulee had completely the wrong ratio of crispy sugar to soft squidgy bit underneath

I could go on but its all getting a bit emotional as I realize how many problems I really do have!

But as I will be bitching about these things, you may as well join me.