A set of twins from Tennessee have had special birthday presents this year.

Autumn Shaw and Amber Tramontana both gave birth to daughters at the same hospital – just 90 minutes apart.

Sharing the same birthday as their mothers, Charleston and Blakely were brought into the world by the same doctor, Dr. George Vick, and had hospital rooms next to one another. The odds of such an event happening have been estimated at around 150,000 to one.

The baby girls were due on 29th October, which just so happened to be Amber and Autumn’s 33rd birthday.

Dr George said the unique situation was unlike anything he had seen in his 45 years of practice. He told WATE: ‘It’s something that’s really an unusual thing. It was when we found out they both had the same due dates. It was just a God thing the whole way.’

Autumn and Amber have spent their lives doing everything together and it seems childbirth was no exception. The pair had hoped their families would be close knit, but never expected this to happen.

Amber said: ‘We wanted our kids to have the same experience that we had growing up. That’s why we wanted to have babies close together. ‘But we didn’t plan that it was going to be this close together.’  

The sisters both had their first children two years ago. Their sons were born just 10 weeks apart and even had the same initial weight and length. 

Autumn said: ‘From childhood to homecoming to high school to college and nursing school, nurse practitioner school, our sons who are 10 weeks apart, having them close in age and now our girls.’