24-03-2017, 18 weeks pregnant with twins, Alexander and Sophia. I started to get a bit of stomach ache, I just thought it was normal growing pains as I'm a small person. I had quite a bit of what I thought was discharge, again, I thought this was normal. It was my first pregnancy and because it was still quite early I hadn't felt any movements, just some butterflies.
That evening I noticed a little bit of blood, so I called 111 and went into hospital. I was rapidly transferred to the maternity ward at a different hospital and examined. At this point I was given the devistating news that my waters had had broken and that one of the twins was already moving into the birth canal. I was losing them.
There was nothing that could be done, and the next morning I was sent for an ultrasound to see whether they were still alive. Two heartbeats, two perfectly healthy and strong babies, but nothing could be done to save them.
That afternoon I had to give birth to both of them. Our little boy came first, still breathing, I saw him suffocate because his lungs just couldn't sustain him, 8 hours later I gave birth to our little girl.
We never got a reason, just got told it was "one of those things." Two years later I found out I was pregnant again, had a horrific start to the pregnancy, in and out of hospital with Hyperemesis, just like I'd had with the twins. I panicked every single time thinking it was going to go the same way, and attended hospital at least 10 times with reduced movements. I went into pre term labour at 31 weeks, but managed to hold onto our baby boy until 37 weeks when he came out healthy and happy, a storybook ending to an horrific two years.
I still don't know why we lost our twins, and I probably never will, but I will always remember them, and tell their little brother about them, and hopefully, by sharing this story, I can help someone else through the most awful time of their lives, just like I had support and help through mine. 💙🌈❤️