At 37+3 weeks my husband and I were having the day at home finishing off our newly moved into home, hanging pictures etc! It had been a busy day but I felt uneasy about the baby and hadn’t remembered any significant movements when previously the baby had a pretty good routine of movements.
I phoned my local midwife who took me very seriously, and told me to go to the main acute hospital to be checked out. We arrived at the hospital at 17:05 and waited no more than 10 minutes in the waiting room. When the midwife put the monitor on me she found that my baby’s heart rate was slow. This with the reduced movements meant they were very concerned for the baby’s health and I was immediately rushed in for a category 1 emergency c-section (under general anaesthetic). My beautiful baby girl was taken out at 17:27 and is perfectly healthy (albeit she did have the cord around her neck twice). Thanks to kicks count I was so aware of the importance of knowing my baby’s movements and when to act on my instinct. Thank you!