Our Facebook Groups are a place for mums-to-be due in the same month to support each other and engage in conversation.

As it's well known that mums will often express their concerns with others or search the internet before speaking to a midwife, our groups are watched over by moderators who do their best to ensure that misinformation isn't spread within the groups and that anybody who needs directing towards specific guidance is pointed in the right direction. The moderators are volunteers who are also due a baby within that month.

If you find your due in group useful and would like to help us continue to run more groups in the future please consider donating to your due in group fundraiser. Just £1 can make a world of difference. 

The money will also go towards us ensuring more mums are aware of the importance of baby's movements to reduce stillbirth and neonatal death. 

While there isn't one cause of stillbirth, a decrease in baby's movements can be a key warning sign that a baby is in distress and 50% of mothers who had a stillbirth noticed slowing down of baby's movements beforehand.

By raising awareness of baby's movements and encouraging mums to report any change in movement immediately it is estimated that a third of stillbirths could be prevented.