I’m raising money for Kicks Count because, sadly, stillbirth isn’t rare. The UK has the 3rd highest stillbirth rate in the developed world and I'm supporting Kicks Count to change this.

Keeping an eye on baby's kicks was something I was aware of but I did not realise how important it was..

Two weeks before Emily was due I realised I hadn't felt her kick as much as usual. I told myself "I was being silly" ... "I know lots of mums who went and got checked for reduced movements and it was always fine"..."I don't want to bother them at the hospital" ....."in the old days they didn't monitor movements and they're babies were all fine".
Luckily though I went and got checked and Emily was immediately delivered by emergency caesarian section.

I was told she was a miracle baby and we'd got to the hospital just in time. I had a placenta abruption which meant she wasn't getting any oxygen. Thanks to the amazing staff at Addenbrookes we have our beautiful daughter ....but it terrifies me how close I was to not going.

If you or anyone you know is pregnant please help spread the message to monitor your baby's movements and do not hesitate to get checked if you are worried.

Words cannot describe how thankful we are for our beautiful Emily and we want to help this charity with its work to help save others too. Laura Fabb