Our 2nd son Gabriel, was stillborn at 32 weeks in November 2017. I was following Kicks Count during my pregnancy, and while we weren't able to save him, having read the stories of other couples who had experienced stillbirth helped me to feel prepared about the process of giving birth and the days which would follow. At a time of great distress this made a huge difference.

In the following weeks, having learnt more about stillbirth rates, I was horrified to find the stillbirth rate in the UK is still so high, with 1 in every 225 babies being stillborn. This number is reflected in the amount we are trying to raise.
There is still so much more to do in reducing these rates, and helping the families who are hurting so deeply from the loss of a child. The pain may ease day to day, but it never stops hurting.

Gabriel was born 2 days before my birthday, and 2 weeks before his dad's. We said goodbye to him on my birthday. With this in mind we are asking for donations instead of birthday presents this year to mark Gabriel's 1st birthday.

Please help us to support a brilliant charity which is helping other families to reduce the chances of stillbirth by giving a donation in Gabriel's memory. Thank you Ali Draper