It's heartbreaking to find out your pregnancy isn't going to result in bringing a baby home from hospital. It's devastating having to explain this to your existing child and to help them navigate through the many feelings that come up during future pregnancies whilst at the same time dealing with your own terrifying emotions.

Kicks Count provide wonderful resources for children such as a book called 'I will always remember our baby' that opens up ways to talk about what's happened and a pair of bears that AR cared for until the new baby (AP) was safely here and then she gave one to him. They also have wristbands to help mums get to know baby's movements so you can notice any changes and stickers to go on your hospital notes that alert medical & clerical staff to your losses which can help to avoid needless and upsetting discussions during appointments.

I was lucky enough to get a place in the 2023 Walt Disney World Marathon in January and have been training for the last few months in preparation. I have paid for my place but having seen recently that Kicks Count have had to put their Rainbow Project on hold I have decided to fundraise and would like to ask for you to donate what you can to this fantastic charity.

Please give what you can:
£7.60 enables us to give two "I will always remember our baby books" to bereaved families.
£9.82 will provide one family with a bundle (without teddies for siblings)
£12.42 will provide one family with a bundle (with teddies for siblings)

Thank you x

Ruth Reynolds