Evan, Noah and I will be raising money for Kicks Count because we want to support families during their Rainbow Pregnancy.
A pregnancy following the loss of a previous baby.

"A rainbow pregnancy has so many mixed emotions, we couldn’t plan their birth because we knew we might not bring them home.
We loved feeling their kicks but we were petrified each one would be their last!
We wouldn’t relax until They were in our arms.
A lot of people assume a rainbow pregnancy is all joy and happiness.
It is a very worrying and stressful time.
We remember feeling quite isolated with our rainbow pregnancy as everyone was so excited for us but we were so nervous. We would have taken great comfort from the rainbow project had it been around at the time.

Today, Lucy and I feel very blessed to have 3 beautiful children and we try our best to keep Roan’s memory alive working out how best to explain to the children throughout their stages of childhood of what really happened and why Roan is not here today.

If by doing a little run and requesting a little money will contribute to reducing the number of similar scenarios for other families, then quite simply it is our duty and honour to do so.

It’s a great cause, and your donation will help them achieve even more.

Thank you so much

The Crawshaw Boys x

Steve Crawshaw