I was around 5-6 months pregnant with my first son, Jack when I first started feeling proper movements and it was amazing. The thing is, with the whole pregnancy, I didn't take it easy at all, I didn't really relax and when I was at work 5 days a week I was so preoccupied I never really took notice of my movements or any developing pattern. For this reason, I went in for reduced movements a few times (after being referred by my midwife too).

When I was 39 weeks pregnant and not even starting my maternity leave, I had another weekend of reduced movements which was partly the reason why I was induced. It was just all so hectic and I never really got to enjoy the pregnancy and this was my fault for not taking a few minutes every day to just monitor my movements.

That is why, now I am pregnant with my second, I am so keen to promote how important Kicks Count is. With the periods of reduced movement I had with my first, these could have been so so serious. I want to help to spread the word out to the millions of pregnant women that they should take a few moments every day to relax, pick up a regular pattern of baby's movements and if there is any, even just a tiny hint that something is different or may be wrong to try and get baby moving or go and get checked out.

I really hope you can help me to raise this small amount for a great cause.

Katie Simms