I will be supporting Kicks Count this month by taking part in a Virtual 3K Run. The awareness Kicks Count raise about baby movements is essential and events like these help to fund what they do. It may not seem like a “Massive Challenge“ but those of you who know me will appreciate that I am NOT a runner 🤭 If I can raise even a small amount to support Kicks Count and those who have experienced the loss of a baby then that will be a big help to a small charity 😊

October is Baby Loss Awareness Month, a tough and poignant month for many who have lost a baby. 1 in every 250 pregnancies ends in stillbirth in the UK. That's around 8 babies every day.

Baby loss needs to be spoken about so families can to be better understood and supported. So their precious babies are acknowledged. The reason Kicks Count raise awareness is so preventable deaths can be prevented and families can be spared this tragedy.

If you need support today. Please make use of the incredible resources offered by Sands, the stillbirth & neonatal death charity and Tommy's. You are not alone x Claire Forsyth