Thank you for visiting my giving page. I’m raising money for Kicks Count because it's a small charity on a big mission - preventing babies' being stillborn.

In 2017, the latest published statistics, 2,873 babies were stillborn in the UK. That was a decrease of 7.7% from 2016 and the lowest number since records began. A difference is being made, but there is still work to do. NINE new lives are still being lost every single day and that's too many.

Why is the awareness Kicks Count raise so important?

Around half of mothers who had a stillbirth noticed their baby slowed their movements beforehand. If a baby is getting less nutrients or oxygen, they often move less to conserve energy. Most of the time, a baby moving less is found to be absolutely fine, but it's vital that mums recognise and report the potential warning sign.

I myself had reduced movements at 36 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. I knew something wasn't quite right, but I felt like I didn't want to bother the hospital by going in to be checked, as I had a consultants appointment the next day anyway (the baby's was on the small side so had regular growth scans). Luckily all was fine, the consultant agreed that I should be induced the next day as the baby's growth had slowed. On the day of the induction, movements were dramatically reduced. Again, I didn't want to worry anyone as I knew I was going in to be induced that day anyway. When I got to hospital the baby was found to be in distress and I was sent for an emergency C-Section. Luckily for us, all was fine, and my little girl was born healthy, despite being a bit on the small side, but it was a happy ending. It turned out she had been in distress, and the C-Section did save her life as they said she would not have survived the stress of a natural labour if I had been induced. I am so grateful to the consultant, the surgeons and the midwives who ensured that our story was a good one. On reflection it hits me every time I think of it how lucky we actually were and how different it could have been, especially after hearing lots of other peoples stories who weren't as happy as ours. I often think back, despite her now being a happy, bouncing 2 year old, and I wish I had spoken up sooner about the reduced movements - perhaps then she wouldn't of had to have such a dramatic entrance to the world, but as I say we were lucky and I am grateful every day for her.

This is why I have decided to raise money for this amazing charity, to spread the word, raise awareness and help more people have a happy ending. I urge anyone who is pregnant to make that call if they feel reduced movements, that's what the midwives are there for, and you won't be wasting anyones time. You know your body and your baby best, and anything that is not "normal" movement for them just make that call, even to put your mind at ease.

I hope you agree it's a great cause. Your donation will make a difference and will be put to good use, ensuring more babies' arrive safely.

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