Thank you for visiting my giving page. Sitting here sleep deprived, as my 6 month old enters yet another sleep regression, I contemplated how lucky I am to have a reason to be this tired, burnt out, and quite frankly covered in sick. My two children are here, earthside, with me. I've not known the heartbreak of having to carry one of my children in my heart instead of my arms but my heart aches for those who have. I desperately want to help raise funds for this incredibly important charity so that fewer and fewer parents experience this. Please would you support my efforts and make a donation, even if just £1 or just to share this justgiving page, to help their cause? The target to raise is £25 and I will be running 2k at the end of January. However I want to smash that target so for every extra £5 I raise on top of that I'll add another 1k to my run.

I’m raising money for Kicks Count because it's a small charity on a big mission - preventing babies' being stillborn.

In 2017, the latest published statistics, 2,873 babies were stillborn in the UK. That was a decrease of 7.7% from 2016 and the lowest number since records began. A difference is being made, but there is still work to do. NINE new lives are still being lost every single day and that's too many.

Why is the awareness Kicks Count raise so important?

Around half of mothers who had a stillbirth noticed their baby slowed their movements beforehand. If a baby is getting less nutrients or oxygen, they often move less to conserve energy. Most of the time, a baby moving less is found to be absolutely fine, but it's vital that mums recognise and report the potential warning sign.

I hope you agree it's a great cause. Your donation will make a difference and will be put to good use, ensuring more babies' arrive safely.

Amelia Reece-Donnelly