In 2012 my world was torn apart when at 34 weeks I heard those words that haunt me forever ‘I’m sorry’. My beautiful first born Charlotte was born sleeping on 5 September 2012 at 35 weeks, she was perfect, but she didn’t cry like other babies, she had died. How I got through the days, hours, minutes that followed I will never really know. Lots of questions, blame, hate and fear followed. For me, time does not heal, time has given me the opportunity to create a new and very different normal. Every minute of every day I think about the what ifs, the missed opportunities - birthdays, weddings, grandchildren, family time. I suffered with, and still do to some extent, PTSD and although I was incredibly lucky to go on to have two rainbows, this brings moments of immense sadness when you live the milestones that you didn’t get to see with one of your children.
If I could stop just one family from enduring this torture then that would be amazing.
So this year, for Charlottes sixth birthday I’ve roped in some friends to help! Any donation is greatly appreciated- thank you 🦋🌈

£1 - Provides 100 antenatal note stickers

£3 - Provides 100 Movement information leaflets

£5 - Provides 70 Maternity note inserts

£10 - Supplies 100 posters

Sue Evans