Most of you will know that I have had Obstetric Cholestatis during both of my pregnancies. This meant that as I got closer to my due date the risk of my baby not surviving increased above the national average. With Finley I didn’t know I had this until 4 days before I was taken into hospital to have him, but with Spencer I knew the chances of me having it again would be likely. I developed it at around 28 weeks in my second pregnancy. From that point I spent everyday with the most awful feeling in the pit of my stomach hoping he would be ok, praying my baby wouldn’t be born still. I know I would never had got over that. I had been following Kicks Count on Instagram for a year or more before I fell pregnant with Spencer and I knew their app would be something I would use if I got pregnant again. Once I began to feel him move I downloaded the app and each day recorded any movement I felt. It allowed me to see patterns in when to expect him to move and how many movements a day he made. Although nothing completely stopped me worrying this was a huge help and I would love to raise some money for the charity and promote it so that others can benefit from the knowledge that if you haven’t felt as much movement as usual get it checked out. You know your baby best.

Erin Du-Feu